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Who is the Lakeman?

My name is Brian Czup. Those of you who don’t yet know me are probably looking at my last name wondering just how to say it. So, before I begin, let me help you to pronounce my name. The “C” is silent. People tend to remember it when I say it sounds like “UP” with a “Z” on it. Kind of like “What’s Up ZUP”. Usually I’ll respond to anything that’s close. So don’t worry.

If you're searching for your Smith Lake home, I would love to help you! I am a full-time Realtor and have sold literally millions of dollars of Smith Lake real estate. I'm easy-going, honest, hard working and extremely knowledgeable about Lewis Smith Lake and the home buying process.


I love Smith Lake and I love people. It is my goal to make the Smith Lake home buying process as easy as possible for my customers. I believe that the only way I can get what I want is by helping others get what they want. Selling lake homes to happy customers is how I will achieve my goal - my lake house.


Are you from out-of-town? - No problem - I use technology to get you the information you need to narrow your choices and make a confident decision at your own pace.


Never any high-pressure gimmicks, games or deceptions. My company and myself subscribe to the highest ethical standards in the business and our success has been our reward. My goal is to help you buy the home of your dreams and not make the process a nightmare!


Smith Lake is my specialty. Smith Lake transactions make up about 95% of my sales. I am not a part-time agent or a Realtor who "also works the lake". Smith lake is a HUGE area 3 counties wide and to do it right it takes full focus and attention. I know this lake and I know the values of the many different types of property and their characteristics.


Looking for a Selling Agent? If you're looking to sell your Smith Lake real estate, make sure your Realtor is a Smith Lake professional. Selling lake homes is different than any other real estate. There are different issues that arise and potential problems that need to be avoided. I am a full-time Smith Lake Realtor. I am experienced and very knowledgeable in Smith Lake sales. Cullman, Winston and Walker Counties - I work all of it. It's a big lake and you need the right person who knows his way around.


There's only ONE! My website it the BEST Smith Lake website on the web. It consistently ranks in the top of the search engines and generates thousands of hits per month. My background is in professional website development and marketing and I do most of my real estate website work myself.

The marriage of real estate to my website design and marketing ability has been a very natural one. I utilize my abilities to the maximum benefit of my clients to help them get their home exposed quickly in the marketplace inorder to get it sold as fast as possible. Having a REALTOR who can "do it all" is indeed a rare find.

I invite anyone interested in buying or selling their lake home or land to contact me. I'm really easy to work with and you'll soon learn that my style is very relaxed and professional.

(205) 388-2019 Anytime or
(205) 295-LAKE (5253) Office

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